Introducing the first sustainable paper packaging system for brands that is fully recyclable, marine safe and specifically engineered for flow wrap applications.

Our mission is to drive positive change for a cleaner future through innovations in sustainable packaging

DM Flexibles Ltd delivers on multiple levels. Offering unique characteristics for brand owners and retailers, that are looking for 100% recyclable and marine safe packaging material, designed to perform, meet consumer expectations and global sustainability demands within retail.  Moving away from plastic is at our core.

DM InovaPac™ Paper is a sustainable packaging solution that meets performance requirements for the food industry. It’s the first material that can be completely recycled within existing paper waste streams. 

  • Printable and natural finish
  • Fully sealable
  • Superior barrier properties
  • Cost-effective run rates
  • 100% degradation to biomass in water 

DM InovaPac™ Card creates rigid packaging. When combined with InovaPac Clear, transparent windows suitable for Dry Goods and FMCG brands can be produced. 

As both materials function like paper, they don’t need to be separated before recycling. 

  • No plastic tax
  • Waste buy-back value
  • Local level recycling 

Engineered to work with existing systems, DM InovaPac™ Clear is a transparent film that offers superior sealing ideal for lamination or keeping food fresh. It’s eco-friendly and completely marine safe and 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

  • Runs on current production lines 
  • Localised production improves logistics 
  • Reduces carbon footprint 
  • No microplastics 

Our Journey

We are an innovative and visionary team, led by design, branding and engineering expertise.

Our strong ambition to drive positive change within our industry has led us on an inspiring journey to create sustainable packaging. This has culminated in amazing global collaborations with like-minded industry-leading scientists and innovators.

As a result, through our combined talent and strengths we have created DM InovaPac™ the world’s first commercially viable 100% sustainable packaging material. Today we are proud to showcase DM InovaPac™ to the world, and as the markets demand, we aim to develop its wider application.

DM InovaPac™ has been developed with a brand’s perspective in mind. It meets the high-performance retail requirements and offers commercial flexibility through a wide range of applications.


Sustainability doesn’t mean inconsistency. Our ethos is to develop sustainable products which are suitable for the global market place.

DM InovaPac™ is a commercially viable product offering high levels of performance and efficiency for the retail environment. Our USP is that we can offer the world’s first sustainable and recyclable material to replace conventional packaging plastics.

We have developed DM InovaPac™ which is:

  • 100% Sustainable
  • 100% Ocean safe
  • 100% Recyclable at local level
  • Fully printable
  • Ideal for roll stock film
  • Able to offer a good level of barrier properties
  • Suitable for dry snacks

DM InovaPac™ is inherently biodegradable. It will degrade into carbon dioxide, water and mineralised natural biomass.

The ongoing source of the current plastic packaging waste issue is the linear ‘extract-produce-bin’ consumption model. Once packaging is manufactured, applied, used, and then thrown away, plastic packaging which is not processed damages the environment. Our breakthrough addresses this directly by removing plastic from the outset. This offers a positive outlook for animals and the natural environment.


Littering is a wider issue and any material deliberately littered has a disproportionate impact mainly because of its visibility. Given the nature of DM InovaPac™ materials, they will not dwell in the environment as long as standard plastics and will not cause the formation of toxic hydrophobic microplastics. DM InovaPac™ will continue to work with regulators and NGOs in this area.

As the use of consumer packaging is widespread, the long-term harmful environmental effects caused by littering can be reduced.


Currently, labelling information on recycling and processing is varied and confusing. We have simplified this as DM InovaPac™ can be fully recycled at current local level processing facilities whilst maintaining a minimal carbon footprint.

DM InovaPac™ is a material that’s not aimed for single use.

Currently, the majority of plastics used to enhance the functionality of paper and paperboard are almost exclusively non-recoverable and non-recyclable.

DM InovaPac™ provides the necessary functionality and also offers two viable recycling options within the existing industry-standard paper recovery processes: hot washing and re-pulping.

Packaging Applications

DM InovaPac™ can be easily converted to various types of packaging formats including:

  • Film stock (Lap and Fin Sealable)
  • Stand up pouches
  • Doy packaging
  • Cold seal for confectionery


Commercial Benefits

With the new Plastic Packaging Tax due to be introduced in April 2022 by the UK Government, there is a clear commercial and financial case to reduce excessive plastic use within packaging.

DM InovaPac™ can provide the following in-kind benefits:

  • Plastic packaging tax exemption
  • Buy back value into recycling

R&D Programme

DM InovaPac™ has been developed following a thorough and robust R&D programme set by a brand development team, engineers, print production and packing line managers.

Our licensing programme enables us to partner with the world’s leading packing printers, manufactures and converters to manufacture DM InovaPac™ based packaging internationally. This approach allows us to swiftly manufacture and deliver bespoke sustainable packaging to your doorstep and help us minimise our carbon footprint through localised production.

We will continue to develop our products with efficiency in mind across the board.

DM InovaPac™ has been extensively tested and trialled to meet print requirements such as Roto-Gravure, Digital and Flexo without compromise. Therefore, your print quality and production run rates can remain intact.

Marine Safe

A major concern is the amount of toxic plastic waste in the oceanic environment. 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually and at this rate by 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish (by weight). Even though plastic is highly useful, once that use has passed, if it is not recycled or processed correctly then it, unfortunately, ends up in the environment and is a major global concern.

The accumulation of toxins within plastics causes long term effects on marine flora and fauna eventually reaching humans. All of our commonly used plastics are hydrophobic (water-repelling) which means they resist water and attract other hydrophobic elements such as pesticides and other toxins. This causes plastics to concentrate toxins even further.

The longevity of plastic causes direct macro pollution as seen in the many cases of marine mammal entanglement and digestive blockages.

DM InovaPac™ is hydrophilic (water liking). It has no propensity to attract toxins or form microplastics and has been certified to be non-toxic to marine fauna. Ocean conditions vary, and it’s too early to say how quickly DM InovaPac™ will break down. However, as it’s non-toxic and safely digestible it significantly reduces this issue.


For our plastic films in agricultural and land management, tests are currently ongoing to observe how DM InovaPac™ meets current test criteria such as ISO 17556. Results of which will determine the breakdown rate and biodegradation across a variety of applications

Designed for the circular economy

Traditionally manufacturers produce products with little consideration about what would happen to their materials beyond their primary life.

We believe in a world where recycling is rewarded. DM InovaPac™ is a high-performance material with widespread functionality. Soluble in water with multiple ‘end of life’ options, DM InovaPac™ has demonstrated its ability to be environmentally safe. We have designed DM InovaPac™ packaging so it can be reused, recycled or composted – which will improve the outlook for our shared environment.

DM InovaPac™ is here to lead the change in packing for a cleaner and sustainable future

Manufacturing flexibility

Mechanically engineered to work with existing manufacturing processes and equipment within the flexible packaging industry, DM InovaPac™ has been developed in controlled industrial environments. We have concluded that it has a lower carbon footprint than existing materials. We can control and reduce our carbon footprint through a licensing agreement with our global manufacturing stream. This reduces the need for shipping, airfreight and road transport.

We have established a seamless manufacturing process for DM InovaPac™. This includes converting, storage, distribution and reducing the labour elements allowing for more remote processing. Overall we focus on operating with a ‘lean’ aim where our processes are in constant review.

Investment Opportunity

Investment through dynamic partnerships creates positive change and financial benefits. DM InovaPac™ is set to fire up the world of investment through its…

  • Instant global demand
  • High brand value
  • Positive customer perception
  • Future proof development programme
  • High level of return on investment
  • Global industry recognition of such a technology
  • Exponential market growth over 10 years

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