Innovate for success

When times are tough, innovate like you never have before

Packaging in the food and drink industry is becoming more sustainable and increasingly interactive as brands crave better engagement with consumers. Innovative new approaches to packaging and labelling are enabling a more personalised experience for customers, driven by a greater interdependence between physical and digital content, increasing the options for brand differentiation.

This also puts demands on the packaging supply chain with the need for a wide range of options at your fingertips. Staying lean and adaptive means seeking out suppliers that are equally lean and have the ability to provide a single source of flexibility.

True to the disruptive nature of its founder, the DM Group continues to pioneer changes in packaging investing heavily in research and development, providing customers with new category opportunities through a combination of material science and advanced process technology capabilities that enable patented technology, intelligent packaging, and sustainable products and services.

The core of our business model is being able to offer seamless access to teams and resources making you as lean and as efficient as possible while reacting to new challenges easily.

The retail environment is arguably the most competitive environment of all. Products live or die based on consumer purchases so shelf-presence is crucial to that succeeding.

Strong packaging has to position the brand in a clear and differentiated way that draws consumers in through a strong shelf stand-out.

The DM Group is fully integrated with specialist teams of packaging designers, print management specialists, account managers, a range of production options and logistics specialists.

We can react quickly and offer options delivered within tough project times.

Concept to creation…the more you fragment your supply chain the less chance of getting the desired results.

DM Flexibles Ltd offers a seamless process from concept to creation.