Retail is changing and becoming supercharged online

What It Means for Food Packaging Design

Companies have to catch the eyes of the consumer and tell a story in the blink of an eye… or the click of a mouse.

As shoppers shift more toward online grocery shopping, food manufacturers and packagers have increased opportunities to get their brand message across more effectively. Shipping products direct to consumers will create great opportunities for bolstering your brand.

The growth of online retail sales is outpacing the growth of sales at many physical retail locations. According to a recent comScore Inc. report, the ease of check out, product and brand variety, and the ability to create store accounts are all driving this outcome. As a result of this shift to online shopping, the interaction with the product’s packaging design and structure is changing dramatically.

What does this growing trend mean for food packaging design?

The simple truth is that packaging design will continue to play a significant role in shaping consumer perception of a product, whether that consumer is shopping in-store or online.  But manufacturers now must also consider the online fast-charged purchase decision that dominates the online shopping experience.  They must also consider delivery and storage in a different way.

Pouches for example give massive advantages in terms of design and logistics when it comes to online shopping. Pouches are a perfect example of using online over traditional rigid containers.

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